Project Roadmap

Simple Returns is an active project, and like most active projects, we have an approximate roadmap for where we see the project heading. While it is not an absolute guarantee, we will try our best to honor the projections we make herein, and will make note when a projection is changing.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please feel free to submit an issue.


  1. Fedex [Supported]

  2. UPS [Supported]

  3. USPS [Jan. 2020]

  4. DHL [TBD]


  1. RMA [Jan. 2020]

  2. Package [Feb. 2020]

  3. Label [Mar. 2020]


  1. RMA [Available]

  2. Package [TBD]

  3. Label [TBD]


  1. RMA [TBD]

  2. Package [TBD]

  3. Label [TBD]