This documentation is for Magento 1.x. For Magento 2.x, see here.

Installation Guide

This guide explains how to install Google Cloud Pub/Sub Event Analytics and its dependencies.


Getting Started

Make sure you've downloaded your copy of the extension archive. If you've not yet purchased the extension, you can do so at the following locations:

Next, we'll show how to install the extension via modman and manually.


cd /var/www                                                           # Replace with the Magento root directory
modman init                                                           # Only run if you haven't initialized modman yet.
mkdir -p .modman/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics && \
tar -C .modman/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics \
    -xzf /path/to/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics-1.0.1.tgz

The extension archive does not contain a modman file, but one is available here. Run the following to add the modman file to the extension root directory:

curl -fsL \
     > .modman/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics/modman

Lastly, deploy the updates:

modman deploy NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics


# Replace /var/www with the Magento root directory.
cd /var/www
mkdir -p /tmp/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics && \
tar -C /tmp/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics \
    -xzf /path/to/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics-1.0.1.tgz
rsync -Pahmvz --stats \
              --exclude="package.xml" /tmp/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics/* ./
rm -rf /tmp/NickolasBurr_CloudPubSubEventAnalytics

Wrap Up

Before attempting to configure the extension, make sure to clear the configuration cache, and, if any admin sessions are open, log out and log back in.