Configuration Guide

This guide explains how to configure Simple Returns.

Table of Contents


Before starting this step, please make sure you have completed the Dependencies step.



This is a multi-step process. Please make sure to complete each step sequentially. If you encounter issues, please refer to our Troubleshooting section.

Module Settings

You can view and update module settings by navigating to Stores > Configuration > Aurora Extensions > Simple Returns.

  1. Under General Settings, set Enable Simple Returns to Yes.

  2. Under RMA Settings, select the carrier and method to use for return shipments.

Store Information Settings

Return shipments require specific store information fields to be set. You can view and update store information settings by navigating to Stores > Configuration > General > Store Information. The following fields must be set:

  1. Store Name

  2. Store Phone Number

  3. Country

  4. Region/State

  5. ZIP/Postal Code

  6. City

  7. Street Address

Shipping Settings

For information on setting up each shipping carrier, see Carriers section.

Origin Settings

The shipping origin is the recipient address for return shipments, such as a returns processing facility or warehouse. Return shipments require the shipping origin settings to be set. You can view and update origin settings by navigating to Stores > Configuration > Shipping Settings > Origin. The following fields must be set:

  1. Country

  2. Region/State

  3. ZIP/Postal Code

  4. City

  5. Street Address


Currently, Simple Returns supports UPS and Fedex for return shipments. The respective carrier settings should be completed prior to use of Simple Returns.

Sample Data

We strongly recommend testing Simple Returns within your own environments prior to use in production. To assist in testing, we offer a sample data module, made available via GitHub and Packagist.

For more information on installing sample data modules, see Sample Data.

Next Steps

After you’ve completed the above steps, you will need to set and enable the simple_return product attribute for each product you want to make returnable. This is explained at length in the Attribute guide.