This documentation is for the Magento 1.x version. For the Magento 2.x version, see here.

Guest Checkout

Tests were performed using Puppeteer and Magento CE with sample data.


You can download guest-checkout.js here.


To simulate a guest checkout scenario on a Magento 1.x storefront.


  1. Visit Home page and click on Bed & Bath link under Home & Decor navigation menu
  2. On Bed & Bath category page, click Add to Cart button on first product
  3. On Cart overview page, click Proceed to Checkout
  4. On Checkout page, click Checkout as Guest
  5. Fill in Billing Information section and click Continue
  6. Select Flat Rate option as shipping method and click Continue
  7. Fill in Payment Information section and click Continue
  8. Click Place Order to submit order
  9. On success, redirect to Home page



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