This documentation is for the Magento 1.x version. For the Magento 2.x version, see here.

Quick Start



To get started quickly, we're going to use dockerized-magento.

git clone
cd dockerized-magento
./magento start

Once dockerized-magento has completed setup, we need to disable Cash On Delivery payment method and set up

  1. From Admin area, navigate to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods
  2. Click on Cash On Delivery Payment and set Enabled to No
  3. Click on (not Direct Post) and set the following fields:
    • Enabled to Yes
    • Payment Action to Authorize and Capture
    • API Login ID to your Sandbox account API Login ID
    • Merchant's Email to the email used for your Sandbox account
    • Transaction Key to your Sandbox account Transaction Key
  4. Click Save Config
  5. If you have caching enabled, clear the config cache.

Once the payment gateway has been configured, we need to install Test Live Checkout.

After installing the extension, complete the following:

  1. From Admin area, navigate to System -> Configuration -> Nickolas Burr Extensions (sidebar) -> Test Live Checkout
  2. Under General Settings, set Enable Live Checkout Testing to Yes
  3. Generate random 32 character alphanumeric string and paste into Authentication Token field
  4. Click Save Config

After configuring the extension, complete the following:

  1. Create a workspace directory:

    mkdir testlivecheckout-puppeteer && cd testlivecheckout-puppeteer

  2. Fetch a copy of the guest-checkout.js Puppeteer script:

    curl -fsL -O

  3. Export the authentication token from earlier to your shell environment:


  4. Run guest-checkout.js:

    node guest-checkout.js

Once the script has finished running, you should have 10 PNG screenshots of the various stages of checkout.

To see an example of what to expect, see Guest Checkout.