This documentation is for Magento 1.x. For Magento 2.x, see here.


To configure Test Live Checkout, log into the admin panel and navigate to SystemConfigurationTest Live Checkout (left sidebar, typically toward the bottom).

General Settings

  1. Enable Live Checkout Testing: Enable the extension for use. This must be enabled for the extension to function.
  2. Authentication Token: An alphanumeric token used for authentication. Must be at least 32 characters in length, containing only letters and numbers.
  3. Redirect URL: The URL where the browser is redirected after a successful test order submission. The URL must be part of the same SLD as Magento.

Log Settings

  1. Enable Logging: Enable transaction logging. For monitoring and debugging purposes, Test Live Checkout provides the ability to log test transactions. By default, transaction logging is disabled.


Transaction Log

During an authenticated transaction, Test Live Checkout will record certain fields from the order, such as response code, payment gateway name, and timestamp, which can be helpful when monitoring and debugging transactions.

Transaction Log

To view details of a particular transaction, select the transaction from the list.

Transaction Details