This documentation is for Magento 1.x. For Magento 2.x, see here.

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What is automated browser testing?

Automated browser testing (ABT) is the process of testing aspects of a website within the context of a web browser. As such, ABT has become an invaluable tool for online retailers who are looking to outpace the competition and provide their customers with the best experiences.

What is Test Live Checkout?

Test Live Checkout is a Magento extension intended for use with ABT tools, such as Puppeteer and Selenium. By allowing authenticated users to submit test orders using real products, Test Live Checkout can help aid in the discovery and remediation of issues affecting your checkout, which subsequently affect your bottom line, too.

As a versatile tool, Test Live Checkout can also be used during development, testing, and QA processes because it provides helpful feedback regarding checkout health.